Tritts and The Numbers Band are an electrifying blend of rock, pop, soul and dance music. Growing up and playing music together for over ten years ensures that they are tighter and pack more punch than Simon Cowell’s yoga pants. Be prepared for a high-energy performance as the lads take you and your guests on a night to remember complete with blistering guitar solos, on stage hi jinx and a musical repertoire that will leave the audience begging for more.

Tritts WWD 330 1 Tritts WWD 330 2

Standard Services

Our standard service includes:

  • 2 hours of live music
  • 6pm arrival, set up by 7pm
  • High quality PA (1.5 kW) suitable for average size venues
  • Song requests from our existing repertoire

Upgrade Options

 Here are our upgrade options for corporate parties:

  • Learn a new song for your event
  • Earlier arrival (5pm)
  • Later finish (after 12am)
  • Upgrade PA for larger audiences/venues
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email

Question or Concerns


Once you’ve decided we’re the right band for your event, you will have a dedicated event coordinator at our agency Alive Network who will be on hand to liaise with you on any issues, questions or concerns. We’ll be in touch around 3 weeks before your event to run through the details and finalise any last minute arrangements.


What We'll Do At Your Wedding

Arrival, Set Up & Soundcheck

We require a minimum of 1hr to set up and soundcheck. It is essential that this time is granted to ensure the best possible experience of us at your event.

After Soundcheck

Depending on your requirements and set up of the event, we will provide background music of your choice until the first set.

First Live Set & Interval

This set runs for approximately one hour and in our experience we recommend the first set to start between 9 -9:30. This will enable time for your guests to get acquainted and to have a good chat before the party gets rocking.

Second Live Set & End of the Night

This set runs for approximately one hour and 15 minutes and we would recommend this starts roughly fifteen minutes to half an hour after the first set. Your choice of music can then be played after the final set to end the night depending on your arrangements (DJ etc.).


If you have any other questions or would like to discuss things with us in greater detail, please feel free to get in touch with our agents at Alive Network on 0845 108 5500, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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